Barrier fabrics

Klopman’s Vektron fabrics are high-efficiency particulate barrier fabrics (with or without antistatic protection) for areas where environmental purity and hygiene are critical requirements.


They are ideal for garments worn in clean rooms and clean areas, pharmaceutical, food and drink processing and laboratories as they build an effective barrier against body-derived particles and bacteria, offering optimal protection against contamination of personnel, products, patients and processes. Vektron fabrics are compliant with the EN 1149-1 standard for antistatic properties, EN ISO 9237 for air permeability and EN 3109 for water vapour resistance. None of these qualities affect Vektron’s outstanding level of wearer comfort in all climatic conditions, resulting from greater air-permeability and more efficient transmission of moisture. Vektron fabrics offer soft feel, exceptional durability, high resistance to abrasion and linting as well as superior laundry performance.